Lomo de Bellota ibérico: cómo distinguir entre 100% y 50%

Acorn-fed Iberian loin: how to distinguish between 100% and 50%

In the fascinating world of Iberian pork, loin occupies a prominent place thanks to its exquisite flavor and delicate texture. At Ibéricos Torreón, we are proud to have a variety of quality loins, each with characteristics and differences that make them unique. We invite you to learn about the two main types of loin: the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Loin and the 50% Iberian Breed Acorn-fed Loin. Get ready to be seduced by these Iberian delicacies!

Acorn-fed 100% Iberian loin

An authentic culinary jewel that you will recognize by its BLACK LABEL . Our expert craftsmen have dedicated a lot of time and effort to find the perfect recipe that has won over national and international chefs. One of the keys to the success of this recipe is the inclusion of touches of paprika from La Vera and spices of natural origin. This makes the 100% Iberian Bellota Loin an exceptional piece, with a smooth and long-lasting flavor on the palate. In addition, it is very aromatic, surely you will also perceive its persistent aroma.

This loin has a darker color than other loins due to the purity of the breed. In addition, it presents a more irregular veining, which gives it a unique appearance . Its origin is 100% Iberian pigs, raised in freedom and fed with acorns during the Montanera period . This privileged diet is reflected in its exceptional fat, which provides a unique flavor to this very special piece. The curing process of this loin requires a careful and slow maturation process of 3 months in dryers and cellars, guaranteeing its maximum quality.

Acorn-fed Iberian Loin 50% Iberian Breed

An equally delicious option identified with the RED LABEL . Its recipe includes a seasoning of paprika, salt and natural spices, which provides a smooth texture and an intense aroma . The diet of Iberian pigs, based on acorns, contributes to the drawing of its characteristic veining and its unmistakable flavor. As for its flavor, this tenderloin offers a smooth and nuanced experience, thanks to the marbled lines that appear in each cut. Its aroma is equally intense and captivating.

The 50% Iberico Breed Bellota Loin has a bright red color and a more regular veining that gives it an attractive appearance, a characteristic that is highly valued by the best gourmet establishments and specialized stores. This piece comes from the cross between a 100% Iberian breed mother and a 100% Duroc breed father, which contributes to its uniqueness.

Like the purebred, this loin is raised in the wild and fed with acorns during the Montanera season. In addition, its curing process is carried out carefully , going through a slow maturation process of 3 months in dryers and cellars.

Whatever your choice or your favourite, the 100% Iberian Bellota Loin or the 50% Iberian Breed Bellota Loin, you will be enjoying authentic gastronomic treasures. Both options stand out for their quality, flavor and careful preparation. Their presence at your table will not only delight your guests, but will also allow you to delve into the fascinating world of Iberian products and discover the passion we put into each of our pieces.

At Ibéricos Torreón, we can boast of offering our customers the excellence of Iberian products. Our loins are the result of a tradition handed down from generation to generation and the commitment to provide the best of our land. Discover the magic of Iberian loins and let yourself be conquered by its unique flavor!