Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed
Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed

Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 50% Iberian breed

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This ham is the favorite of many for the peculiar juiciness that its attractive marble gives it, giving rise to a delicate flavor but full of nuances. It is the ideal gift due to its excellent quality/price balance, a detail that never fails.

The Torreón 50% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham was first finalist in the 2018 SPANISH FOOD AWARDS in the category for the BEST IBÉRIC ACORN HAM and is a guarantee of success .

It comes from the crossing of a 100% Iberian breed mother and a 100% Duroc breed father. They are animals raised in freedom and fed on acorns . Each piece of Ham is cured naturally in the winery for at least 3 and a half years.

Salamanca is the ideal place for its preparation. We enjoy a perfect climate that provides exceptional conditions such as temperature and dry air. That is why the hams that leave our facilities are equally exceptional.


- Pack of 30 (7 kg.), 32 (7.5 kg.), 34 (8 kg.) or 37 (8.5 kg.) envelopes of 100g knife-cut ham
- Ham bones
- Ham tacos
- Vacuum packaging

I assure you that you have never taken home a ham that was so easy to eat.

- Ham with bone
- It is recommended to place it on a ham board and cut it with a knife.
- The weight of the piece is approximate
- Wrapped in a black mesh and in a black cardboard box so that it does not lose its properties during shipping

ham presentation box and mesh

- In a ventilated and dry place.
- Ideal temperature: between 10 and 20º C
- Humidity: between 40 and 70%
- Preferential consumption: 1 year

To learn more about how to preserve Torreón product, click here

Pork ham, common salt, sugar, antioxidant (E-301) and preservatives (E-250 and E-252).

Per 100g of product

Energy Kcal - 351
KJ Energy - 1462
Fats (G) - 22
Saturated fatty acids (G) - 6.2
Carbohydrates (G) - 0.9
Sugars (G) - 0.5
Proteins (G) - 37
Salt (G) - 3.2

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Excelente jamón ,en calidad y precio.

Jose Cabello
Un placer al paladar

Hace unos pocos años descubri esta empresa de ibericos, y cada vez me sorpenden mas sus productos. Su sabor y calidad. Pero el jamon es una auntentica delicia. Perfecto en su punto de curacion. listo para su consumo sabiendo que no ha estado sobreexpuesto en el almacen. Con su ligero sabor a bellota y como se desace la grasa en la boca. Cada Navidad soy fijo a esta casa.

producto 5 estrellas

sorprendido gratamente del nivel de calidad, de este jamón bellota ibérico 50% raza ibérica. Correcto punto de curación y contenido en sal.
Torreón, sigue sorprendiendome gratamente en cada producto .

Susana Sánchez Diez Diez
Jamón estupendo.

Es un gran jamón, jugoso, con gran sabor y nos ha gustado muchísimo.

Aitor etxeberria gonzalez
Calidad y sabor

Ya nos hemos acabado la maza y solo llevamos con el jamon de bellota una semana

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