Maridajes sublimes: La alquimia del vino y el Jamón Ibérico

Sublime pairings: The alchemy of wine and Iberian Ham

At the gourmet table, few pleasures compare to the encounter between a select wine and a cut of Iberian ham . It is a relationship of flavors and textures that, when united, speak to us of tradition, land and passion. Today, we explore the most exquisite unions between different types of Iberian hams and the wines that best enhance their qualities:

  1. 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham and Tempranillo:
  2. Iberian acorn-fed and Albariño chorizo
  3. Iberian Morcilla and Monastrell:
  4. Your choice

100% Iberian acorn-fed ham and Tempranillo

The king of acorn-fed hams finds a good ally in Tempranillo. The structure and nobility of this wine, with notes of forest fruits and well-integrated wood, create a line of flavors that respects and enhances the unmatched taste of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham.

Iberian acorn-fed and Albariño chorizo

Yes, you read it right. It is also possible, not everything has to be red. The Iberian acorn-fed chorizo, spicy and full of character, also finds its counterpart in a Galician Albariño. The freshness, acidity and citrus touches of the wine cut through the fat and enhance the spicy flavors of the chorizo .

Iberian blood sausage and Monastrell

For the rich and spicy Iberian blood sausage, we recommend a Monastrell. This red wine, with body and ripe tannins, is balanced with the density of the blood sausage, providing a pairing of contrasts and harmony .

Your choice

We leave the last pairing to you who read us. How do you like it best? Many times each type of Iberian ham or sausage invites you to discover a different wine. The key is to seek balance and complementarity, to find that point where they do not compete, but instead exalt each other, offering us a bite and a sip of pure delight.

In the world of pairings, there is also a place for spirits . For example, a Sherry brandy can be the unexpected companion for a ham of marked intensity, providing a warm and complex finish. There are those who enjoy combining it with a cold beer... depending on tastes...

And for those who want to explore beyond wine, you can also try Iberian ham with a glass of cava. The bubbly freshness of the cava is an exquisite contrast to the unctuousness of the ham, turning each bite into a celebration.

Today we have selected these, perhaps another day... we would have another body and we would choose differently.

For now, enjoy this sensory exploration that chooses from the best of our lands!