Trucos para sacarle el máximo partido al loncheado ibérico

Tricks to get the most out of sliced ​​Iberico

sliced ​​Iberian sausages

The Iberian sliced ​​from Torreón is the product of our catalog more easy to enjoy with family, friends or even as a couple watching a Netflix series. It will get us out of more than one jam at a meal or an aperitif with the people who matter most to you and it can also be a cool gift for your mother or your mother-in-law.

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And here is everything you can and cannot do with this type of vacuum-packed product:

1. Conservation

The artisans of Torreón insist that, in order to taste the product as if it had just left the winery, it is necessary that as soon as your order arrives, follow these recommendations:

  1. if it is to be consumed In the next 5 days , the sausage or ham should be placed in the coolest and driest place in the house. A cabinet that does not give direct light will be perfect.
  2. if it is to be consumed After the 5 days have passed , we recommend placing the product in the fridge. The ideal temperature that we recommend is between 2 and 8 ºC.

    The fundamental thing for this product to maintain its properties is its good conservation.

    2. From the envelope to the plate

    The moment for which you bought this Iberian sliced ​​has arrived. The most important thing here is the temperature ham or Iberian sausage. Not too hot, not fresh out of the fridge. The state of the slicing will depend on it and, therefore, its cut, color, texture and flavor.

    For the correct consumption of the product we need to raise its temperature to about 20 or 25ºC and we will only achieve this naturally.

    How do we get the temperature right? Very simple, when we take the sliced ​​envelope out of the fridge, all we have to do is put it in the sink and run warm water on it for 2 or 3 minutes.

    Breakfast with Iberian ham
    This will allow:
    1. That the slices take off better when serving.
    2. That the slices acquire the juiciness typical of a freshly cut product.
    3. That the aroma it gives off is that of a Torreón product.

    Finally, the container is opened and plated slice by slice. The ideal would be to leave it on the plate to rest for 5 minutes, but we know for certain that this wait can be very long, so 2 minutes would be enough for you to taste the product as it deserves.

    Taking these easy tips into account, you can enjoy breakfasts at home like the one in the photo. We already know that during the week it is difficult to enjoy these little luxuries, but who does not have time on Saturdays and Sundays to open a sliced ​​envelope and make a piece of toast like this and start the day in the best possible way?

    3. Things you shouldn't do

    Just in case, although we know you weren't going to do it that way, we tell you how not to do it:

    1. Do not freeze the sliced ​​as it could lose its characteristic flavor and aroma.
    2. Open it without having put it under water. The slices will be more difficult to detach and you will not be able to enjoy the qualities of the product at 100%.
    3. do not use very hot water. The water must be lukewarm otherwise the product may become overcooked.