Cómo elaborar un delicioso Consomé con el hueso de tu jamón ibérico

How to make a delicious consommé with the bone of your Iberian ham

It's a cliché... but it's as true as we are at Christmas. He takes advantage of the Iberian pig tooooodoooo. When you've scraped your Iberian ham well, by God! do not throw away the bone , if you do not have the necessary tools to cut it, go to your trusted butcher, you will get several pieces that you can use to give a special touch to many dishes.

Iberian ham consommé

Today we are going to tell you how to extract all the essence of the ham bone to make a delicious Iberico Ham Consommé , as our head chef Javier Fuentes del Río does.

It is a very simple preparation. You only need 4 ingredients , and leave it to the puff puff, let it be done, because your participation is only essential at the beginning and at the end.

The result is spectacular, ideal to give vitality to festive nights or to recompose the body after the excesses typical of these dates or the cold winter.

Let's go mess!



  • 800 GR OF WATER

  • 100 G ONION



Iberian ham broth

To make this Christmas classic, take a pot or kettle and add the bones, cover them with the water and put it on the stove to boil.

While it is heating up, place the diced onion in a very hot frying pan and toast it to add to the broth.

We let everything cook for three hours. After that time we strain it and let it cool overnight.

It is highly recommended to remove the fat, which will have remained on the top when the broth cools and, for this, we will use a spoon or slotted spoon.

Afterwards, we bring it back to the boil and pass it through a strainer again, but this time made of cloth, so that the consommé is even finer.

Add some mint leaves to infuse and a touch of raw brandy (this last touch is optional).