Ensaladilla Rusa con Paleta Ibérica

Russian Salad with Iberian Shoulder

Let's go with a summer classic, it was already playing! But as always with the Torreón touch provided by our magnificent chef Javier Fuentes . We prepare an exquisite Russian Salad with Iberian Shoulder .

INGREDIENTS (for 8 people)

For the SALAD


  • 1 egg and 1 yolk
  • 200ml of sunflower oil
  • 50g of Iberian ham fat


Cook in a tall pot, the unpeeled potatoes and the carrots.

On the other hand, cook the eggs in salted water and a splash of vinegar for 10 min.

Once the potatoes are cooked, peel and mash the potato, the carrot, and the boiled egg with a rod until making a kind of paste, so that everything is well mashed.

Season with extra virgin olive oil, a dash of white wine vinegar, salt and cubes of Iberian ham.

For the mayonnaise, melt the fat from the Iberian ham in a saucepan, then use a blender to mix the mayonnaise with the eggs and oil and finally add the ham fat, emulsifying little by little.

Add the desired amount of mayonnaise to the egg, carrot and ham potato sham* and mix

Plate to taste and arrange some thin slices of Iberian shoulder ham on top of the salad and an EVOO chorizo.

* When you talk about farce in cooking, refers to a mixture of chopped and seasoned products, these ingredients can be used raw or cooked