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Torreón Ibericos at the Ritz breakfasts with Quique Dacosta

We are proud to tell you that we are suppliers of all the Iberian products of the renovated Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel in Madrid.

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Spain, if not the most luxurious. Many personalities from the world of entertainment, cinema, business and politics have walked through its corridors and rooms.

And one of the things that makes it so brilliant is its new and renovated kitchen by the three Michelin Star Quique Dacosta.

Quique Dacosta Mandarin Oriental RItz Madrid

Quique Dacosta, of Extremaduran origin and Valencian by adoption, has been in front of the kitchen for 35 years. Since then he has been growing and learning, focusing on haute cuisine and innovation in Spanish, Alicante and Valencian cuisine, respecting the product that reaches his hands as much as possible.

In 2021, Quique Dacosta becomes the Gastronomic Director of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid . In its famous halls and gardens, it offers five unique gastronomic spaces where guests and diners can enjoy their cuisine and a product of the highest quality.

And this is where Ibéricos Torreón comes in. After long negotiations with the chef and the team, we have become a supplier of all Iberian products.

Our forte is in the Ritz breakfasts , where we are present seven days a week cutting ham previously selected by our Iberian artisans.

Raquel Acosta equipment slicer - Madarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

The ham is included in the price of breakfast and best of all, we have the presence of Raquel Acosta and her team . For those who don't know her, Raquel Acosta is one of the most renowned ham slicers in the restaurant world. She has cut countless times with us and we couldn't not count on her and her team for this project.

Apart from breakfasts we are also cutting ham on Sundays at Sunday Luch . And if the weather is good, you can enjoy ham or other delicacies only worthy of this place, in the famous Ritz Gardens .
We are also present with our 100% Iberian Bellota Ham on the menu of the most exclusive space in the complex, the Champagne Bar , for only 12 diners. Here visitors can enjoy our gastronomic jewel.

And not everything is going to be ham, we have fallen into the hands of Quique Dacosta and his kitchen. Serving products such as sausages, bacon and Iberian meat.

We are delighted with the opportunity that this mythical hotel in Madrid has given us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting in many of the products that the artisans of Torreón make with so much effort and enthusiasm every day.