mejores carnes para barbacoa

Select the best meats for barbecue

The 'warmth' of summer, which also seems to be relentless this year, has never been an impediment to starting the barbecue season as the canons dictate, with full fire! Because there are days of outdoor gatherings, lunches, snacks, dinners... with family and friends, in which a good source of succulent grilled meat cannot be missing. And do you know which are the best barbecue meats ? Well, in this post we are going to offer you some recommendations, then… you choose!

best meats for barbecue

You already know, organizing a barbecue is always an attractive plan, few will reject your invitation. But if you really want it to be a success, organize yourself well, select the quantities correctly and be clear about which meats are best grilled or grilled.

For us, and we know that we are not the only ones😉, the Iberian pig is king and the most recommended cuts for barbecue are the following:

  • Prey, Feather, and Secret . The quality of these three pieces is extraordinary; They are super juicy, tasty and tender cuts thanks to the intramuscular fat that characterizes them. The feather is a finer piece and somewhat leaner than the others. But any of them will bring a touch of class to your barbecue.
  • Iberian sausage . Essential in any self-respecting barbecue, don't you think? For this reason, in Torreón we have an exclusive Iberian Chorizo ​​that we only make in the summer season. And we do it precisely thinking that chorizo ​​is an essential element for barbecues.
  • rib. If we talk about licking our fingers, we're talking about ribs, one of the best cuts to cook on the grill, because this type of preparation enhances its flavor and provides that peculiar churruscadito that lends itself so much to 'yummy'.
best meats for barbecue

With these three suggestions you would already have guaranteed success in your barbecue, but we are going to give you a couple more ideas.

  • Iberian meat skewers. The typical Moorish pinchos are also a great idea. Of course! You put the dressing to your liking and we, as you can imagine, recommend making them with Iberian pork. We can choose different pieces. The secret is once again one of them, which due to its thickness is very well cut into cubes. You can also opt for the lizard , since its elongated shape makes it much easier to prepare. The same as the tear, some strips of meat that are placed next to the ribs and are a delicious snack due to their abundant fat content.
  • Burgers . And finally, we recommend the extraordinary Torreón Iberian hamburgers, made by our artisans in a totally natural way, without any additives. It is not for nothing, but we can boast of having hamburgers without competition, because before chopping the meat and mixing it, we select the pieces with great care, achieving the perfect balance so that the hamburgers are tasty, tender and juicy.

You see, you can organize the perfect barbecue . Decide the pieces you prefer and choose your BBQ PACK in the seasonal section of the Torreón Store.

And so that you are also the perfect cook, don't miss out on details! We give you a professional apron if your order is equal to or greater than €60.

best meats for barbecue