Tartar de Lomo de Bellota 100 % Ibérico, en pan de cristal y rúcula

100% Iberian Bellota Loin Tartare, in glass bread and rocket

Perhaps you are one of those who think that Iberian loin and sausages leave little room for imagination in the kitchen. Perhaps you usually opt for the traditional assorted plate or eat them in sandwiches or dare to combine it with different types of bread or even fruit!!!

Well, any of those options is fantastic, scrumptious; but today we want to try to broaden and change that perception. And for this, we propose a new preparation prepared by our creative head chef, Javier Fuentes del Río .

We are going to prepare a LOIN TARTAR IN RÚCULA AND GLASS BREAD.

Loin tartare with crystal bread and arugula. Ibericos Torreon

We start with the ingredients, don't miss anything 😉.


All hands on deck, knife in hand

The elaboration is simple, it only takes a little patience and dexterity to chop.

Start by chopping the Iberian loin into regular, small cubes with a good knife so that you can mix them later and eat them more comfortably.

Acorn-fed loin 100 Iberico Torreón

Now it's time to peel and dice the red onion -which in the kitchen is called brunoise chop- and better that it is very fine, add it to the loin.

When both things are well mixed, add the mayonnaise and sweet paprika.

Stir the entire mixture well, until all the ingredients are well distributed.

Leave the tartare reserved, while you toast the crystal bread in the oven at about 180º, more or less for 3 min.

When it is ready, fill it up, add the arugula and close by pressing so that the bread is well closed and soaks well.

One of the strengths of this preparation is that you can leave it ready, properly packaged, and have it on hand to use when you feel like eating, and you will have the filling ready to enjoy a bite in a few minutes, original, tasty and convenient. .