Un evento especial se merece un buen jamón ibérico cortado a cuchillo por un maestro

A special event deserves a good Iberian ham cut with a knife by a master

Today we tell you about a NEW TORREÓN with which we are very excited, because it means sharing our experience and Iberian tradition in one of the most important moments in many people's lives, their wedding day. We are not going to invite ourselves, but it would be nice if you took us into account, because we want to present you with the possibility of incorporating a master ham cutter into your banquet : Eventos y Bodas Torreón . And we are going to give you several reasons so that you at least think about it.

Elegance and sophistication

The presence of an Iberian ham cutter in your celebration adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding banquet. The guests will be able to enjoy one of the most precious delicacies of our gastronomy , cut by hand by an expert and with an impeccable presentation.

A unique experience

In addition, the skill and image of a professional ham cutter at a wedding can be a unique and surprising experience for guests. Many of them have probably never seen a ham cut live with a knife and will undoubtedly be impressed by the skill and dexterity of the master cutter. We have specialists such as... (we can say who they are, training, awards or outstanding features...)

practical and profitable

If you had already thought about treating your guests with quality Iberian ham , the incorporation of a professional cutter can also be a very practical decision. By having a master cutter, you make sure that the ham is cut evenly, avoiding waste and guaranteeing that your family and friends can enjoy it to the fullest.

A complete tasting

If you want to go a little further and surprise your guests even more, you can choose to offer a tasting of different types of Iberian ham. At Ibéricos Torreón we have a wide variety of Iberian hams of the best quality, which can be perfectly paired with different types of wine, cava, cheeses and other appetizers .

All this is what you will earn if you decide to decorate your wedding with one of our Event and Wedding Packs. We can follow you to any place on the Peninsula where you have decided to organize your celebration . And the professionals at Cut with Art , led by our master cutter José Luis, will organize everything so that on your special day you can enjoy the best Iberian flavor with all the guarantees.

Packs Events and Weddings Torreón

Any of the options available in Torreón for Events and Weddings will be perfect for entertaining your guests. You will shine as a host or hostess, because in both we guarantee you truly exquisite Iberian hams .

You will enjoy pieces capable of conquering for their taste, smell, texture and, of course, for the beauty of their appearance . Juiciness, delicacy, an elegant color with different intensities of cherry red, the exceptional brilliance of the characteristic veining of acorn-fed Iberian ham and, to top it off, the spectacle of observing the elegance and professionalism of an expert cutter sliding the knife to obtain perfect slices. , with the right size, to ask for mouth.