Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ​​(sliced)
Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ​​(sliced)
Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ​​(sliced)

Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ​​(sliced)

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It is a container of 80 grams . With extreme delicacy , the craftsmen achieve a perfect machine cut so that the product remains in optimal conditions for its tasting.

Traditional sausage and closely linked to Salamanca gastronomy. Torreón artisans make this piece following a unique recipe that year after year they have perfected in order to satisfy all who try it. By selecting the type of meat from the noble cuts of the animal and seasoning it with the famous paprika from La Vera, the artisans achieve a product that many would consider enviable.

Coming from a pig raised in freedom and fed on acorns . With a slow healing process of 4 months .

Salamanca provides a perfect climate where conditions such as temperature and dry air make the pieces that come out of our facilities inimitable.

- Rectangular polypropylene tray
- Vacuum packed
- Boxed in a rectangular cardboard envelope.

Net Weight: 80 grams

- In a cold room (between 2 and 10ºC) or in a cool and dry environment
- Preferential consumption: 8 months from the date of packaging.

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Iberian pork meat, common salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidants (E-301 and E-316) and preservatives (E-250 and E-252)
Per 100g of product

Energy Kcal - 454
KJ Energy - 1880
Fats (G) - 38
Saturated Fatty Acids (G) - 14
Carbohydrates (G) - 1.0
Sugars (G) - 0.5
Proteins (G) - 27
Salt (G) - 4.9

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