Cebo de Campo Iberico Shoulder 50% Iberian breed
Cebo de Campo Iberico Shoulder 50% Iberian breed
Cebo de Campo Iberico Shoulder 50% Iberian breed

Cebo de Campo Iberico Shoulder 50% Iberian breed

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The youngest of the family is stomping. It is a piece made to the smallest detail by our craftsmen. Rested for 2 years in our cellars, it acquires that soft and pleasant flavor to the taste. The Cebo de Campo Ibérico Shoulder 50% Iberian breed is a versatile piece due to its high value in the kitchen and, of course, because it is cut with a knife for later tasting.

It comes from the cross between a 100% Iberian mother and a 100% Duroc father. A pig raised in the wild and fed on cereals and feed. This piece is naturally cured in the cellar for 2 years.

Salamanca provides a perfect climate where conditions such as temperature and dry air make the pieces that come out of our facilities inimitable.


- Pack of 23 (4.5 kg.), 26 (5 kg.) or 28 (5.5 kg.), in 80 g sachets
- An envelope of 100 g cubes.
- Vacuum packed

I assure you that you have never taken home a palette that is so easy to eat.

- Palette with bone
- It is recommended to place it on a ham board and cut it with a knife.
- The weight of the piece is approximate

- In a ventilated and dry place.
- Ideal temperature: between 10 and 20º C
- Humidity: between 40 and 70%
- Preferential consumption: 1 year

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Pork shoulder, common salt, sugar, antioxidant (E-301) and preservatives (E-250 and E-252)
Per 100g of product

Energy Kcal - 354
KJ Energy - 1476
Fats (G) - 23
Saturated fatty acids (G) - 7.9
Carbohydrates (G) - 1.4
Sugars (G) - 0.5
Proteins (G) - 35
Salt (G) - 4.1

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Julián de Juan Granados

Paleta de Cebo de Campo Ibérica 50% raza ibérica

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