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Stewed Iberian cheeks

Everyone knows that when it gets cold, a good stew is the perfect solution for those Sunday family meals. Today we bring you a recipe that lovers of stewed meat will love. The Torreón Iberian cheek is one of the cuts preferred by our users, although there are times when finding a good recipe makes us think a little more when adding it to the cart.

The solution is this easy recipe, which with a little time and a few ingredients from the fridge you can enjoy and surprise with a dish that only needs a good accompanying wine.


For 2 persons

  • 4 pieces of Iberian cheeks
  • 1 piece of Grand Smith apple
  • 100 gr. leeks
  • 100 gr. Red pepper
  • 80 gr. Onion
  • 30 gr. dry tomato
  • 1 slice of ginger
  • 1 garlic
  • 20cl. Red wine
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper
  • Salt
Iberian cheek recipe


  • We wash the vegetables.
  • Cut the white part of the leek into slices, the red pepper into strips and the onion into julienne strips. Crush the garlic with the skin and cut a little ginger into strips.
  • Season the cheeks to taste. In a casserole, heat a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil over medium/high heat; we mark the pieces of meat until they change to a toasted color. We remove to a plate.
  • In the same casserole, sauté the garlic with the skin and all the vegetables over medium heat until they are soft.
  • Once the vegetables are done, add the cheeks and the wine to the casserole. Mix and stir with a wooden spoon and then add half a liter of water.
  • Ginger is included, which will give the stew a special touch and leave everything over low/medium heat for about 30/40 minutes, stirring from time to time until we see that the meat is tender.
  • When there are about 5 minutes left, the apple previously peeled from its peel and cut into cubes is included in the casserole. This is how we get them to be crunchy and not overcooked.
  • Plate and serve hot.
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