Nueva Papada Ibérica adobada, un bocado exquisito

New marinated Iberian dewlap, an exquisite snack

The Iberian pork dewlap arrives at theTorreón Store , we offer you a piece that surprises with its tender texture, its juiciness and its intense flavor . In addition, we offer it to you with an extra, it is an IBERIAN PAPADA MARINATED and CURED , which means that you can enjoy it as it is, with hardly any work.

marinated Iberian dewlap

Simply, slice it very thin and you will see what a delight!!! Taste it in all its splendor on a hot toast or to finish off a dish of peas and egg yolk, in both cases the heat of the dish itself will be enough to give it a perfect point. This is one of the preparations that our chef Javier Fuentes del Río proposes: Peas with Iberian dewlap marinated with egg yolk -shortly we will give you more details-.

Traditional Iberian dewlap marinade

This cut of the Iberian pig comes from the lower area of ​​the neck, under the face of the Iberian pig and is characterized by having a large amount of soft fat infiltrated between its muscle fibers . In Torreón we marinate it with salt, paprika, garlic and thyme. The salting process lasts 4 or 5 days, then it is marinated and left to cure in an artificial dryer for 3 months . Then it is left to air in a natural dryer for 1 or 2 more weeks . With this method of preparation, we achieve that the jowls enhance their flavor and at the same time reduce the amount of fat.

How to use marinated Iberian dewlap for cooking

This new cut of Iberico Torreón meat can also be used for cooking in various ways. You can stew or braise it , cut into pieces and cooked with vegetables and spices in a casserole over low heat or in a pressure cooker.

peas with marinated Iberian jowls

Our chef Javier Fuentes del Río uses it in legume stews and also in stews. For example, in the elaboration of beans or lentils, when putting them to cook in water, he adds a piece of Iberian dewlap, together with the chorizo ​​and the black pudding; and achieve a sensational taste. It also provides an ideal touch, sliced, very very thin, to finish a rice.

And by the way, in the next spoon recipe book that we are about to release, we will include some recipes in which marinated Iberian dewlap is one of the fundamental ingredients. We will notify you as soon as we have it ready.