Torreón lanza el primer Pastrami Ibérico del mercado

Torreón launches the first Iberian Pastrami on the market

Presenting the FIRST IBERIAN PASTRAMI , a genuine TORREÓN cold cut, is a real pride for us. On the one hand, because we are launching an exclusive, delicious and unique product in the world ; on the other, because it is a novelty on which we have worked hard, creating and designing a totally original recipe , born from our permanent concern to offer innovative Iberian foods.

It probably sounds very American to you, and you are right, but at Ibéricos Torreón we have been the first to transform it into a new Iberian cold cut that will surprise you.

Iberian pastrami

Actually, Pastrami has its origin in Romania and Hungary and it was the emigrants who brought it to the United States in the mid-19th century. In fact, today, everyone identifies it as a quintessential American cold cut, especially very New York.

It is a cured beef in brine and smoked, which is used above all in the preparation of sandwiches, the typical 'pastrami sandwich', sounds familiar, right?

How the Iberian Pastrami is made

Well, in Ibéricos Torreón, we have substituted the type of meat. Iberian pork is the base of Torreón Iberian Pastrami , and specifically we use mogote, a very unique and succulent cut from the loin head.

This piece stands out because it has infiltrated good fat, healthy fat that gives it great juiciness and powerful flavor at the same time.

Our head chef, Javier Fuentes , has been in charge of preparing the seasoning for this exclusive cold cut, with a completely original recipe. The mogote is prepared, like the traditional one, in brine , but including a personalized selection of spices , such as oregano, cloves, pepper and nutmeg, among others. Once seasoned, the mogote spends several days resting until it is properly cured ; Later, it is spread with another mixture of dry spices, it is baked in two stages at a low temperature and, finally, it is smoked naturally with beech wood.

It is a laborious process, to which we have dedicated a lot of time, the necessary time, without haste, until we get the Iberian Pastrami that we were looking for, with an excellent aroma and flavor .

Iberian pastrami

How we recommend using the Iberian Pastrami

Torreón Ibérico Pastrami is ideal for making sandwiches or sandwiches, with a lot of very thinly sliced ​​pastrami and vegetables or pickles or a sauce, to help enhance its smoky nuances and incredible texture.

For example, prepared with a flaky brioche toasted in butter, a tartar sauce, and grated cured cheese and sprouts on top. What do you think?

Little by little we will show you the new recipes that chef Javier Fuentes is preparing, using Iberian Pastrami as the main ingredient and giving rise to exceptional dishes.