Ibéricos Torreón en el Salón Gourmet con Panadería Obando

Ibéricos Torreón in the Gourmet Hall with Panadería Obando

A few months ago Jaime Obando, general manager of Panadería Obando , proposed an idea that we could not reject. This idea lies in a strategic alliance of companies that share values ​​such as seriousness, innovation and a good product.

So we jumped headlong into this proposal to present our product together with yours and together with Quesería la Antigua in Salón Gourmet, one of the food fairs with the most impact in Europe.

Those who visited our stand were able to taste one of our best pieces: the 50% IBERIAN BELLOTA HAM .

iberico ham bellota ibericos torreon

In four days we cut two pieces of 8.5 kg. each. Both from the 2017 vintage stood out, due to their great infiltration and their veining thanks to the acorns and a long curing period.

The ham tasting was also influenced by the wonderful performance of Raquel Acosta , a ham cutter who, in addition to her expertise, has a vital attitude that made us all smile from the morning.

We had very interesting visits such as Quique Dacosta (3 Michelin Star Chef, with whom we worked on his Mandarin Oriental Ritz project , Samanta Vallejo-Nájera (Masterchef jury and catering and restaurant businesswoman) and Juan Pablo Carpintero (Reporter at “Aquí the earth").

Quique Dacosta, Samantha Masterchef and Iberian friends Torreón

It has been four intense days, it was non-stop since we did not expect this large influx after what happened last year. But at last it seems that the hotel industry is picking up, gourmet shops are once again benchmarks and exports are becoming more and more normal.

Thus, we end this new edition of the Gourmet Hall very happy and above all grateful to Obando and all of you who stopped by our stand.

We look forward to meeting everyone again in 2022.

Carlos Blazquez Garcia
Business Development Manager