Abrimos las puertas de TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE, visitas, corte, degustaciones y showcooking

We open the doors of TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE, visits, cutting, tastings and show cooking

Dear friends, the time has come to introduce you to the new gastronomic space TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE . An innovative proposal in which we open the doors of our house wide open, to show you all the secrets and gastronomic possibilities of the Iberian pig.

TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Iberico. We offer you the opportunity to organize visits in which to tour our Iberian pork factory, drying rooms and cellar ; learn about our production process and, as a finishing touch, taste our acorn-fed Iberian ham and sausages and an exclusive selection of Iberian dishes , prepared by our specialized chef Javier Fuentes del Río.

We have everything ready and we have already begun to receive the first groups of Iberian lovers, who have lived first-hand the wonderful culinary experience that we have created in Torreón. We know you're going to enjoy it!

Are you coming to visit Salamanca?

Surely among your plans is to know the best of local gastronomy. Would you like to try quality Iberian ham? We encourage you to visit our Iberico factory, with tasting and show cooking , just 10 minutes from the center of Salamanca .

Special plans in a group, with friends or family?

If what you are looking for is to live a unique and original experience with your group of friends or family, this is also your place. Sign up for the TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE ! Do something different in Salamanca... combine fun, learning, culture, gastronomy and good times with the people you love.

And listen! You are also going to succeed if you organize a visit with clients, your co-workers or that group of professional colleagues with whom you usually 'dispatch'. A visit to our factory to start, an informal meeting in a private room and a good chat while savoring ham, sausages and Iberian tapas.

Torreon Iberico Experience

What are you going to live in TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE?

An experience to stimulate all the senses.

As soon as you enter the Torreón facilities, located 10 minutes from Salamanca, the first of your senses is activated, because the aroma of good Iberian ham receives our visitors as an incentive and, without a doubt, as a luxury opening act for all that is to arrive

Once inside the factory, our Iberian artisans will teach you their trade in detail, a job learned with care over the years, which culminates in a unique product that is as much ours as Iberian ham and sausage.

You will be able to know all our secrets.

We will show you in detail the process of elaboration and curing of our products, the work that we carry out daily to offer you exceptional gourmet Iberian products.

We also put at your disposal the professionalism of our master cutters , from whom you will hear the basic notions for correctly slicing with a knife, as well as learning to differentiate between the varieties of Iberian ham and their peculiarities.

Torreón Iberico Experience Tapas

But the experience does not end there.

As we have said, TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE activates all the senses. In our case, the climax is the opportunity to taste our products hot. And we are not just talking about traditional ham and sausages , but also new creations and, of course, a personalized tasting of dishes cooked live with different cuts of Iberian meat . The master of ceremonies for this last phase of the TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE is our head chef, chef Javier Fuentes del Río.


There are several ways to immerse yourself in this new experience that we have created to get the most out of Torreón Iberico.

The IBÉRICA ESSENCE EXPERIENCE is designed for the enjoyment, for 1 hour and a half, of at least two people. Includes MASTERCLASS of Iberian ham: origin, classification and preparation; After the VISIT to the factory, the drying rooms and the cellar, the experience culminates with a TASTING of our 100% Iberian Bellota Ham and 2 Iberian preparations. All accompanied by a wine from the Sierra de Salamanca. .

The second option is the SABOR IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE , created for private groups of 6 people or more, and which lasts 2 hours. In addition to the masterclass and visit, you will learn about KNIFE CUTTING TECHNIQUES taught by a master cutter and you will participate in an ORGANOLEPTIC TASTING of the different parts of a 100% Iberico Bellota Ham. TASTING of our traditional loin and Iberian sausage. All this accompanied by wine from the Sierra de Salamanca

The last possibility is the IBERIAN GOURMET EXPERIENCE that offers all of the above and ends with a SHOWCOOKING with a specialized chef and tasting of a menu of 9 passes made with our best Iberian products accompanied by the best wines.

Torreon Iberico Experience

How about? Discuss it with your people and you will see how many occasions come to mind in which the perfect plan would be to visit us at TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE . Get to know, savor and soak up good Iberian ham.