Casquería ibérica y ahumados Torreón

Here it is! Iberian offal and smoked Torreón, by chef Javier Fuentes del Río

As promised, we are going to give you details about the tapa that our chef, Javier Fuentes del Río , prepared in the semifinal of the IV International Cooking Contest with Ibérico .

Javier created this dish especially for the contest and his idea was to take advantage of nobler products, and sometimes less valued, from the Iberian pig. A great challenge, without a doubt, but with which he got many to lick their fingers, even if he did not go on to compete in the final.

In Torreón we are delighted with the work that Javier did in this contest and even more so with the work he does permanently in our kitchen for the TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE .

As? Do you still know what TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE is?

That can not be! Visit us in the section of the web where we explain everything to you , get ready to enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience and plunge into the world of Iberian ham just 10 minutes from the center of Salamanca.

Now, let's go with the delicious Iberian and smoked offal!!!

This great dish is made with pig's tail and stuffed tongue , two pieces that our chef loves. And it's a shame, because in today's kitchen they are used very little.

Do you dare to put them in fashion?

Well, start with this Torreón recipe that Javier Fuentes del Río himself tells us in detail. The dish is divided into two passes. First to open your mouth, a bite that consists of a tongue tartlet stuffed in tartar and lightly seasoned, accompanied by a cream foam infused with smoked Iberian bacon. "A powerful and fun bite to start with the dish", explains Javier.

The second touch, the main dish, consists of an Iberian pig tail in different techniques. On the one hand, vacuum-cooked, "to achieve an incredible texture, and boneless" .

With the pig's tail, a juice is also made with manzanilla wine, which is later mixed with an Iberian noisete butter. And finally, our chef continues, "those cooked boneless tails are compacted and then dehydrated and sautéed in oil. And it's time to season them with paprika and cumin, which adds a crunchy and airy touch to such a silky sauce and the tail in the void" .

All the culinary technique used by our chef with this Iberian oxtail demonstrates the versatility of this exquisite product.

At the end, according to Javier's recipe, "we add a side dish in two textures of smoked cauliflower : a creamy purée and some Roman cauliflower florets. To finish, a super aromatic smoked lapsang tea that goes great with the idea of ​​giving it the smoky touch to the Iberian offal" .

How about? If you are willing to prepare it, do not forget to tell us, we would love to see your dish on social networks and, if you quote us, we will be happy to share it.

As we said at the beginning, Javier did not reach the final of the contest, there was a tough competition! However, it got rave reviews for its idea and great execution.

And the best thing is that he feels very happy for the experience and the support received, for meeting old friends and colleagues of a very high level, and for enjoying cooking 'against' them.

Of course, he has been left with a thorn for having stayed at the gates of the final after so much work, but "the contests are like that and more when you compete with people of such a high level ."


By the way, in a very little while we will be launching a Recipe Book of 10 with which you will hallucinate 😉. We will notify you!