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Here it is! Iberian offal and smoked Torreón, by chef Javier Fuentes del Río
As promised, we are going to give you details about the tapa that our chef, Javier Fuentes del Río , prepared in the semifinal of the IV International Cooking Contest with Ibérico . Javier created this dish especially for the...
The Torreón Family celebrates its First Workers' Convention
This month we have had the pleasure of organizing the FIRST CONVENTION OF TORREÓN WORKERS, an event that the company has organized with great enthusiasm and with the primary objective of recognizing and thanking the great work that all our employees do.
We open the doors of TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE, visits, cutting, tastings and show cooking
Dear friends, the time has come to introduce you to the new gastronomic space TORREÓN IBÉRICO EXPERIENCE . An innovative proposal in which we open the doors of our house wide open, to show you all the secrets and gastronomic...
Good luck Xavier! Our chef, in the semifinal of the International Cooking Contest with Iberico
Pay attention to this name: Javier Fuentes del Río. Today we are very happy to bring him to our blog as a protagonist for two reasons. The first, because he is the chef of Ibéricos Torreón. And the second, because...
Select the best meats for barbecue
The 'warmth' of summer, which also seems to be relentless this year, has never been an impediment to starting the barbecue season as the canons dictate, with full fire!
Stewed Iberian cheeks
Today we bring you a recipe that lovers of stewed meat will love. The Torreón Iberian cheek is one of the cuts preferred by our users, although there are times when finding a good recipe makes us think a little more when adding it to the cart.
Why buy Iberian ham in January?
The Christmas, spending and consumption period has come to an end and now in January the long-awaited January sales arrive. These sales have traditionally been related to the textile sector, but today they have been transferred to the rest of...
Ibéricos Torreón wishes you Merry Christmas
We want to thank you, that in a difficult year, you have been happy and that your happiness has been shared with all those who have been close to you. That is the best way to make our world a better place.
Ibéricos Torreón in the Gourmet Hall with Panadería Obando

We have been at the Salon Gourmets at the Obando Bakery stand, one of the Food fairs with the greatest impact in Europe.

Torreón Ibericos at the Ritz breakfasts with Quique Dacosta

We are proud to tell you that we are suppliers of all the Iberian products of the renovated Madrid hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz .

Acorn-fed Iberian sausage tartare with salmorejo

Samer Moronta ( @gastro_vicio ), shows us the versatility in cooking that Salchichón Ibérico de Torreón has. Easy to prepare dish that mixes flavors and textures in a very original way.

Iberian bacon and pickles bao
Winning recipe of the first edition of "Virtual Kitchen with Ibericos". Its creator Manuel Heras ( @food_ofthe_gods ) presents us with one of the best ways to taste Iberian bacon cooked at low temperature.
Tricks to get the most out of sliced ​​Iberico
The easiest product to consume in our catalogue. We tell you how to make your Torreón vacuum-packed sliced ​​envelope taste and look the same on the plate as a freshly cut piece.
Tips for preserving your Iberian ham at home
We give you some tips so that when you get the ham or shoulder at home, you know how to keep it in the best conditions so that it does not lose quality and you can taste it just like in a restaurant.
Properties of the Iberian

The star product of the "Mediterranean Diet" gets naked. Both the ham and all the products derived from the Iberian pig are more than healthy.